26. Our Marriage Consummation.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight

For the ends of being and ideal grace.

I love thee to the level of every day’s

Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.

I love thee freely, as men strive for right.

I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.

I love thee with the passion put to use

In my old grief’s, and with my childhood’s faith.

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,

Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.


This poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning is what I recited to my wife on our wedding day; yes I’m a dye in the wool romantic, that made her shed a tear, but it also set the tone for our life together. However, to clear the decks, which I learned in my Merchant Navy days, let me affirm that the saying of ‘what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom’ if done with decorum even if it’s sacrosanct to me, has only the purest of intentions. The two of us with our lovey-dovey ways in company must have been an indication to her relatives and well-wishers to leave earlier than they were going to. But then could you blame us seeing how there was no honeymoon either, however, her boudoir was to be our honeymoon love nest. The passion on our wedding day went from the Friday through to the Monday morning, and only because of my having to go to work. On closing our bedroom door without having to consider the consequence of our actions anymore, we stood grinning like two Cheshire cats for a moment, but only for a moment before we melted into each others arms. That time we left the lights on as we leisurely divested each other, and as we began to slowly caress, her soft hands touching, feeling, delving and probing tenderly but with intent, sent intense tingling sensations spiraling through me. Her lips that copied the rhythm of our slow gyrating hips sent flutters of excitement shooting through an inevitable firming. The sensual feel and delectable taste of her tongue as my flicking one did battle with her one, incited a heated passion within her, and on continuing downwards to skim lightly across the pointed twin hardness encountered, caused her to squirm with pleasure and for her fingers to dig into my back. Stimulating them further while grinding rhythmically against her increased the sexual tension to mount rapidly between us, and with both our hands having moved further down each other’s backs and on encountering a contracted softness, our continuous moulding it like clay brought exquisite tremors of desire to both of us. Kissing with passion tempered with tenderness, and trembling with a mixture of nervousness and pent up excitement, we fell on the bed together.  Rolling and tussling like two wrestlers with the only difference being that it had increased our sexual passion, her open invitation became a delicious moment.

Her frantic movements for increased stimulation indicated her nearing an outcome, but with me only as the participant although deriving part pleasure, I slowly continued doing the same upwards until reaching the twin peaks of my desire. Her slight moaning from that sensual torment she was receiving caused her pelvis to heave with expectancy, but wanting to watch her face in those moments of her ecstasy and to prolong the ultimate moment of insertion, I knelt on my haunches. Drawing her up towards me and by stimulating my ultimate desire, I watched as her face took on a blissful exhilarated response, followed by little moans of ecstasy as it evoked an urged orgasm that she rode in her waves of climaxing. My devouring mouth wanting to taste her only made her giggle, and locking her legs around my neck she pulled me around so that she could assume the top position. Not knowing what was in store for me was arousing enough, but when she eased herself to my full body length so that our sexual organs where hard up against and she began to slowly ride my length while watching me, I knew she was copying me again. The motion created manoeuvre intensified my pleasure, and like her it made me writhe with agonizing pleasure as my surges reached its crescendo. She then did a very ingenious thing so as not to be splattered by me. She had the foresight to pull the foreskin further forward, squeeze the front end tightly close and held on, which caused no spills, and we used that ingenious idea of her on many occasions.

Having not consummated our marriage yet for we still playing, and wanting to hold on to our virginity for as long as possible for some insane reason, our relaxing, whispering sweet nothings, cuddling and kissing got us to consider that with us not having sex straight away wasn’t such a big deal after all, and that the next time would suffice before savouring the ultimate fulfillment. It wasn’t too long though while lying there that our embracing closeness brought a firming from me, and an open seduction from her again. We couldn’t believe that we could be that insatiable in such a short period of time, and both our stimulated pulsating erections caused a sensuous rhythm that almost brought us both to the point of no return, so we eased off and rather laid and kissed until our sexual passion had subsided. We knew we were sexually charged to have sex, but I also took into account that with her still been a virgin and not wanting to cause her any pain what so ever, when suggesting placing a cushion under her as extra elevation, she found it amusing. She found it more pleasurable than amusing though when lowering myself, and with her controlling my impetus by firmly grasping my hips, our slow gentle heaving moved into intense undulations, and feeling her thighs caressing mine I wrapped and coiled her legs around mine. Partly within, enclosed, clasped and joined, both our sexual organs were throbbing in unison as our eyes mirrored each other’s intense desire as we felt the slight penetration, and we moved spasmodically to savour the moment. The enveloping intense warmth inside her caused not only a stirring of pleasure and quivering within both of us but also caused our bodies to strain together. Feeling the heated fleshy tightness that firmly encompassed my impassioned penetration and her aroused response to draw it slowly in by raising her pelvis slightly so that her smouldering expansion allowed the two to intimately slid smoothly into each other made us both catch our breath. Moving slowly and firmly together so as to become embedded into each other with our kissing lips doing the same, our inflamed bodies became drenched with our torrid intimacy. The perspiration was more a blessing than a hindrance because of the cool breeze that filtered through the slightly open window to fan and act as a cooling system to our desperate lustful bodies as the muscles stretched and strained. But still wanting to prolong our eventual orgasm we ceased the ravishment of each other, and through being motionless with only compressed kicking and contractions we succeeded in only bringing it under control momentarily. Responding to the intensified spasming and squeezing with constant vigorous stimulated jerking eventuated in a deeper penetration so as to be totally impaled. Both our responses were then instantaneous as we felt our matching orgasms building together, for in oneness we concaved our backs, ground together, quivered in anticipation, and exploded and imploded together with a monumental orgasm. The intense exertion of it left us drained and exhausted, and as our pent out passion receded we were left with an extraordinary feeling of contentment, tenderness and love.

Saturday morning saw us receiving brunch from her mother, and she didn’t bat an eyelid over the strewn discarded clothes, absolutely rumpled bed and the sweaty musky briny sexual smell that prevailed the room; and all she did was smile. After our ablutions, dressing, tidying and airing, we retired to recuperate from the previous sexual gratifying night. In her favourite position, which is the one where she throws the leg over, while chatting, and in a teasingly loving gesture of nibbling and flicking her tongue in my ear while caressing my chest and pinching my nipples, I revealed to her that those were my erogenous zones, and for me to regain my virility it wasn’t a piece of her that was required but peace. Although playfully sulking, her continues pestering made me roll her over face down so as to lift her skirt and spank her bottom to chastise her. What greeted me though was a naked one, and my inquiring about it got a reply that it was a waste of time wearing underwear that weekend, so instead of a spanking, I kissed and gently sunk my teeth in to nibble her soft posterior. That was my undoing, for not only did she writhe around but she also raised herself to a kneeling position that revealed more than her posterior. She knew how to push my buttons, and not having seen her in that position before provoked further sexual desire. The different positions we had tried before, when as a single couple without having sexual intercourse, was then put into practice. We were also pretty amazed to find that for reasons unbeknown to us when remaining locked in certain positions, after, our dual continuous pulsating would bring on another immediate bout of compulsive lovemaking that would again eventuate into an impassioned climax. And because of that, we concluded that our lovemaking definitely was going to be constant even though our passionate love for each other had been consummated, because it didn’t seem like it was satisfying our physical sexual needs enough. What also assisted was that what Joan lacked in sexual experience she made up for by emulating on me as near as possible whatever sexual manipulation I had enacted on her, and eager to please me also with stimulating satisfying sexual innovations made her an exciting lover.

We had dozed off, but her mother’s persistent knocking awoke us to have dinner and more visitors to wish us well, and we found them a welcome sight because we needed that type of respite. Be that as it may, we weren’t sorry to see them go due to them only leaving at the bewitching hour and we had an irresistible urge to be alone in our love nest. Our love, passion and lust seemed to know no bounds and we were all over each other as soon as we closed the door, on the other hand with her I found that I had to bring my wrestling moves into play learned as a youth. Her somewhat over enthusiastic display of affection by not only ruffling my hair but also to grasp it, which was something I deplored and she knew it, was beginning to annoy me, so I pinned her against the door in an X formation. It was her turn to then become frustrated and annoyed; however, she beat me by my own game by interlocking her legs around mine that got our bodies fused together, and encircled that way we made for the bed. We had never considered our sexual manipulations as foreplay while single, but as a married couple we adopted the attitude that our reproductive sexual organs were going to be used ‘for play.’ We played so much that we had four children in four years. Christopher on 2 July 1956, Regina on 26 May 1957, Neil on 16 May 1958, Harold on 4 June 1959, and also our fifth child Gregory on 12 January 1966, who was conceived in a moment of uncontrollable passion.

Because Sunday was a day of rest and to keep that day holy according to the bible, saw the two of us in church at Saint Agnes to thank the Lord for given Reverend Banahan unbiased wisdom and to thank him again. They say the Lord works in mysterious ways, but not that obscure to find a message inviting the two of us for lunch at my parents. I had male logical reservations; Joan though being the female emotional peacemaker dragged me along to face my sorry looking family. Aunts and uncles with presents and pleasantries abounding still made for an awkward situation, and the only memorable heart-warming and ego boosting thing that came out of all that was from my father, who when shaking my hand when leaving, commented that I had proven I was a man by doing what real men did. That compliment must have gone to my head, for when getting home I really proved my manhood all night to Joan.


The Happiest Day Of Our Life.


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