30. My Merchant Mariner Travels Around The World (Part 3)

Every time the ship approached Cape Town I would stand at the railing of the ship in the misty half-dark of predawn, scanning the horizon for the first sign of landfall.  As the sky lightened slightly, a shape very slowly would emerge in the distance, at first so small and indistinct that I wasn’t sure that it was really there.  But as the mist dispersed and the sky brightened even more, the shape grew gradually larger until I could make out the distinctive contours of Table Mountain and eventually, Devil’s Peak and Lions Head. The panorama before me was soon that of a blue sky with wispy white clouds, the magnificent backdrop of the mountains illuminated from behind by the rising sun, with the red roofs of the city nestled at its base and the sea stretching out toward it like a giant blue-green welcome mat.  I was home. Even to this day, I still get choked up when I recall that iconic image of extraordinary beauty. That time I had two days off with Joan and the kids in which I was husband and daddy to the fullest extent that we could fit in. We went to early morning mass, I cooked breakfast with heaps of pancakes, maple syrup and strawberries that they liked, and we went to a matinee movie at the Empire Theater in Athlone to watch cartoons. Hula hoops was the in thing then and we had great fun with that, and we went to a children’s party that they had been invited to and to top that all off we went to Kalk Bay beach by train. Joan been one not to let her pregnancy bother her was right in there with us. Parting was such sweet sorrow for Joan and me that she not only waved me off but also followed the ship all along the next quay for a final wave and blown kiss.

I didn’t go ashore in East London and Port Elizabeth again but did in Durban, much to my chagrin. Ann had come down to the ship, which was due to the ship-to-shore line not been connected yet, to invite me around for dinner, by her mother. It seemed that her married cousin who was also a seaman had arrived in port, and he and his wife were invited for a welcome home dinner. All went well until having after dinner drinks and the conversation turned to how his wife coped while he was away at sea. Ann’s mother who really liked me became interested, which was for her daughter’s benefit, and that’s when her cousin dropped the bombshell. His asking of me how my wife and children coped while I was away caused three results. Ann who had not made her parents aware of my married status although I had told her to but she had thought differently, looked like she had wished the ground would open up and swallow her, the parents couldn’t believe their ears and were flabbergasted, and her cousin and his wife had a smug look on their faces that said gotcha. It seemed, when hearing the full story why afterwards from a crew-member, that it all stemmed from him relating to his wife what he had heard about my overseas escapades, and with her getting to know that Ann and I were friends but not knowing what my intentions were or if I was married, had taken a stab to gauge my reaction, and if so to make Ann and her parents aware of it. Having always had the ability of a quick rhetorical question to counter a question when in a difficult situation, which was one of those times before all hell broke loose; I first jokingly laughed it off so as to get my thoughts together. My questioning him about which wife he was alluding to because like himself we seaman had wives all around the world and countless children wasn’t well received first by himself due to his splattering denial, and secondly by his wife who demanded to know from him how long that had been going on. My thinking of what arseholes both of them were by spoiling our evening and for not minding their own business and for making it difficult for Ann caused me to continue my further questioning. My very casual matter of fact inquiry of if he had as many girlfriends in every port as all seamen had and if his wife was aware of it changed the atmosphere completely to one of a pending storm for him when he couldn’t lie his way out of that one neither. His wife though wasn’t letting go, so with her looking daggers at him I thought it was a good time for me to leave before it became more awkward. Inquiring about him back on board ship also brought to light why he had asked that spiteful intentional revealing question. It seemed that when he was overseas he had to pay for sex by going with prostitutes because of not having any luck with other women, so a jealous element about me had also crept in. Ann phoned me the next day and we met in a secluded park during her lunch break because I didn’t want to get her into further trouble with her parents. She conveyed that after my departure her cousin and his wife had a huge argument, and her parent’s confrontation about our relationship resulted with them forbidding it to continue after telling them that she liked me as a friend only. That unfortunate or fortunate incident saw the end of our relationship as far as her parents were concerned, but not ours, for we decided to cool it for the duration of my stay in port, which was for a week.

Making the acquaintance of Joan, no, not my wife but another Joan, was due to me deciding not going ashore while berthed there for the rest of the two weeks to catch up on well-deserved sleep,  which was very unusual for me. On the other hand, with kept busy to the catering of the captain all up the coast because of bad weather, ship pilots and shore official’s needs, it got me way behind with my sleep. Oh I forgot to mention that I had received another promotion to Captain’s Tiger. During that time my cabin mate had not told me that his girlfriend was coming aboard for a visit and I had fallen fast asleep on my bunk only in my boxer shorts, as was seaman’s custom. It wasn’t the chatter and laughter that awoke me to find that he had brought two women with him into the cabin that through it had caused me to be embarrassed, but my lying there in those boxer shorts only. After having introduced his girlfriend and Joan her friend, he whispered to me that he was taking his girlfriend to a cabin next door, which was not occupied as the seaman had gone ashore, and while they were making out would I keep his girlfriend’s friend company. Our cabins consisted of a double bunk on one bulkhead with a single-space wardrobe on each side, the opposite bulkhead had a built in draw cabinet with hung toiletry cabinets on each side, and the space in between the double bunks and the draw cabinet allowed only one in passing. Also, a narrow bench, curved shaped to the bow ran along the porthole bulkhead (wall) in between the two bulkheads to the side of the starboard wardrobe that combined all together was built for sleeping in but not for entertaining in.

Before he left with his girlfriend he first winked at me in Joan’s direction and then closed the door. Although it was one of those situations where you are thrown in the deep end and had to work your way out of a difficult situation I was qualified enough for that one to slowly but surely work my way through it. I excused my undressed condition because she too seemed a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable, and then I offered her to recline on my bottom bunk with me taking the top one while she waited for her friend. My explanation to her for that was due to the bench that she was sitting on was narrow, hard and uncomfortable, but I though received an unexpected but gracious reply that she would accept the offer of my bunk with the proviso to share my single bunk so as not to inconvenience me. My somewhat taking aback asking if it didn’t bother her to be lying beside a strange man in his boxer shorts, received her answer that was a straightforward, honest and a believable one to the effect that she had an older brother who did exactly that at times when confiding in her, and he also had strange habits. When telling her that I didn’t make it a habit of letting women lay on my bunk while I was semi naked, and that the only one who would have that privilege would be my wife Joan, made her smiling quick witted remark that it should be alright then seeing that her name was also Joan, but that I shouldn’t expect the same favours from her, made her an instant hit with me.

The single bunk had a fixed, cutaway recessed wooden frame along the side for securing reasons when the ship rolled and pitched in storms at sea, so for two to lay comfortable you either laid side on or partly overlapping. Showing some respect I laid face to face while chatting. Although our heads were inclined back our bodies weren’t, and although our backs were hard up against the bunk sides so that there was no room to separate further, parts of our anatomy would continuously touch due to our breathing and adjustment for comfort. Because we were that continuously close and enclosed within the bunks framework it became uncomfortable and awkward for both of us to lay that way.  So when I suggested that we try with one lying slightly on their back squeezed up against the bunk bulkhead and the other slightly overlapping, she proposed for me to be cramped up on my back. The only foreseen, which was due to save me from a manly embarrassment, and unforeseen matter due to while moving across the bunk and turning into that position was that my elbow jammed up against her breast and my hip pressed against her pubic mound, and I was only half turned. To assist me she laughingly stretched herself up over me in a push up position for me to succeed. With both of us smiling because of the comprising position her manoeuvrings had caused, she surprisingly lowered herself slowly with a naughty look on her face so that we just touched. Still in a push up position above me she then also touched my lips with hers, which gave me the thought that she was either teasing or for real. She was for real because she lowered herself slowly down onto me and began kissing me with a passion.

I didn’t know then and I still don’t know now how far we would have gone, for our passionate kissing was interrupted and stopped by the arrival of my cabin mate and his girlfriend because of the return of the crewman to his cabin. Fast adjustments of positions only made them smile knowingly. Joan was flushed, breathing heavily and embarrassed for having been caught out by our two unexpected returnees, but my emotions ran higher than that though because of what had unexpectedly occurred with another woman. When they saw that the two of us were sharing my bunk it made them do the same on his, and soon after, their frantic movements and sounds brought us the realization that they had thought that we must have had sex, and that it was all right for them to do it in our company. Joan’s further embarrassment brought blushes, so after placing my hands over her ears to drown out their sexual noises we just laid looking at each other while grinning. The bunks had drawn curtains that were seldom used, and on drawing them close to help deaden the sounds and to alleviate the shame she felt for her friend, which had made Joan reluctant to continue further, gave us privacy though. Not wanting them to get the wrong idea again and to avoid further embarrassment we left the cabin and went on deck. There she asked if I wanted to go to a dance club the following night and to meet at her friend’s bedsitter unit, which made for another embarrassing moment for her.

When arriving there and finding her waiting for her friend to change and get dressed, we reclined on her bed to wait. The bedsitter was a single room with a shared bathroom that was in use, so her impatient friend stripped right in front of the two of us, powdered in strategic places, slipped on her panties and dressed. Joan had flung herself over me on seeing what she was doing, and then proceeded to kiss me hard and long so as for me not to watch her friend’s unashamed behaviour that I had been ogling, and when dressed, her friend made the comment that I had seen more than that before. Joan was a pretty good dancer, conversationalist, loved flirting with me, liked long walks, thought it a buzz to go into coffee shops and lace our coffee secretly with whiskey from a hip flask that I always carried, enjoyed night clubbing and had a passion for strong curries. We became real buddies, and she was the only one I associated with except for her friend who loved a good time, and when allowed by Joan, accompanied us to nightclubs. She liked the two of us to do things alone, for when we were in the company of others she felt we were restricted in our free flowing enjoyment of our idiosyncrasies. We thought nothing of going Dutch when either of us was broke, shared taxi fares at times, allowed each other time out space and never interfered with or questioned each other’s private life. Her friend though when Jill was out of earshot would want to know what our intentions were because she was under the impression that Joan was more than found of me as a friend. It seemed that all she talked about was about what a difference her life had become since meeting me because of the manner in which I respected her. But I drew the line and rectified her with her assumption that it was due to fulfilling sex because Joan glowed and was full of life when I was around. I also knew that Joan’s mother was fond of me because she would always welcome me with a cuppa and a chat when I visited there.  Joan found that strange though because the two of them hadn’t been on good terms for some time until I came along. We both had caught her mother at times watching us with a smile on her face as we mucked around, and the mother would insist that the couch be made up for me to stay over when bringing Joan very late home at night when missing the last bus back to the ship. She liked that, for she would sneak back to share the couch with me because it reminded her of the ship’s bunk. In any case we just cuddled, and because we valued our friendship and companionship, sex never came into the equation, and that’s how it remained until she married some other merchant seaman.

I told my Joan about that Joan been my companion, the same way she was also told of some of my other unavoidable companions, or what she had already assumed was happening. Her understanding nature, leniency and unconditional love to my behaviour at sea, which she understood was a work related hazard when in the Merchant Navy, wouldn’t have been condoned by many women. However, as all good things must come to an end, and bad, I had been slowly digging a hole for myself that saw me having to court Joan all over again to win back her unconditional love. Nonetheless, that’s another story, and because after been fully loaded in Durban and in taking bunkers there, we sailed.  The only heart rendering happening was that we were bypassing Cape Town. I really had a necessity to see and be with my wife Joan because it wasn’t only that I would have been there when she turned twenty one, which we had forward planned a surprise party for her, but also that I would miss the birth of our third child. If I had known that we were bypassing Cape Town, which was kept very secret by the Captain and other leading officers because of knowing that crew from Cape Town would have signed off in Durban due to always spending more time in Durban than in Cape Town with their loved ones, I too would have done the same. So I did the next best thing that I could by going to see the Sparky. Between the two of us we organized to send Joan on her twenty-first a bouquet of flowers and a loving birthday card via Artiflora.

Because of bypassing Cape Town we took bunkers in the seaport Port International de Port-Au-Prince the capital of Haiti, which occupied the western third of the island of Hispaniola situated in the Caribbean between Cuba and Puerto Rico. From there direct to New Orleans in Louisiana the southern states of America with all its dark history of slavery, lynching, segregation and its Ku Klux Klan had made up for it to my way of thinking with the one bright shining light city in there them State of Louisiana. Even the sailing up the twisting murky fast moving Mississippi River that was navigated from the Gulf of Mexico as it meandered its way through that state had a feeling of expectancy. Around every bend something unusual would eventuate. Dead bloated floating horses or cows, fishermen on wooden rafts waving their catch of catfish, barges stacked high with cotton bales, intersection controlled lights for across crossing river traffic for entering water ways, and the stern paddle steamers that plied the river. That feeling of expectation increased when nearing the river port of New Orleans, and I experienced a good feeling when tied up alongside by the docking officials when securing the ships hawsers to the moorings with their greeting of ‘What’s up?’  And I soon learned that the reply of ‘Where y’at’, was what was expected, which was the greeting of all the populace in that friendliest of cities.

I had seen cities all over the world where the old architecture had been mingled in with the new or overtaken the old, but there they had kept the French Quarter as the best-preserved historical area that looked exactly as it always did. They didn’t even have traffic lights there and the streetlights were of the old gaslight style.  You knew you were in the French Quarter when hearing the sounds of a trumpet or the wailing of the saxophone anytime of the day or night from the solo street players or jazz bands. The first thing that caught your eye was the picturesque wrought iron balcony on the buildings, and then your feet seemed to turn automatically towards the restaurants and clubs. Cajun cuisine, bourbon straight up and Bourbon Street jazz was a heady combination, especially when I made the acquaintance of a Creole who owned an Afro-Creole club, which turned into a friendship of good standing. Bourbon Street spelled it out exactly what it signified as a place where not only booze but also music burst and oozed out for drinkers and party animals alike. Although Basin Street at one time meant that too plus its red-light district, it was the birthplace though of jazz where the mixture made for good bed companions to those who had gone to enjoy both. Canal Street that didn’t have a canal of any sort but did have a pedestrian free ferry from its base on the Mississippi from which I traveled on to cross over to Algiers Point, had in the time taken given me a great view of downtown New Orleans. Once on the other side it gave me not only a different skyline angle of it too, but also to discover late Victorian houses and Creole cottages also left in its preserved condition there. According to the way it was related to me, it seemed that the Creole people who escaped from the Caribbean slave trade and spoke French, and the Cajuns who were French migrants that were kicked out of Nova Scotia by the English during the same era, settled in the swamp country of Louisiana. Entwined by the same hardships, poverty and seen as underclass peoples, they blended their culture and music, and from it originated the separate styles of country and western swing music by the Cajuns, and urban blues and brass band music by the Creoles.

I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled when witnessing different brass bands operational in the capacity of a post funeral parade playing ‘When the Saints go marching in’, in street and club groups and sensationally in the Mardi Gras on another trip there. If jazz was their forte too with its rhythm and blues and gospel origins from African-Caribbean bloodlines, then the zydeco (chromatic washboard) percussion music, which both groups played, and the combination of the fiddle, accordion and guitar music arrangements of Cajun music was in a category of its own. So too was the dancing that went with it in my instructions of its almost complex jitterbug fashion when attending a get together with my friend at the home of a Cajun friend of his in the swamplands.  That jaunt in the bayous although alligators and moccasins thrived in the swamps was an exciting experience. Boating to meet those exciting but very unusual private people with their Cajun food, attire and music, was bewildering at first, and what really confused me was their language, all the same they were fun to be with if you had the stamina. That get together eventually turned into a jamming session  when other musician friends turned up to make it into an unforgettable experience, especially at times when it was accompanied by individual or group singing of their songs that were sung in their most unique language. What really surprised me though was when hearing my Creole friend singing along with them, and when questioning him on it, I was told that because his language was a compilation of African dialects and French, both Creoles like himself and Cajun could speak and understand both languages. Both the cooking of their food dishes was understandably French too, but at first it was difficult to distinguish between them due to it having a cross mixture of the two. Every living thing that came out of the water from the swamps, the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico into which it flowed was concocted into culinary delights. It was either raw, boiled, fried, grilled, barbequed, baked, stuffed or wrapped into other foodstuff. Craw-fish, lobsters, oysters, snapper, trout, crab, salmon, turtle, red-fish, catfish, shrimp, mussels, swordfish and alligator found its way into specialties of soup, stew, jambalaya, gumbo, omelets, all types of fishcakes and even cheesecakes. I was educated though to the slight distinction by both my Creole friend and a Cajun acquaintance and it seemed the latter was lively and spicy and the former was delicate and saucy, but I didn’t really care because of enjoying both. What I did care about though and enjoyed too was when asked by our Cajun host if I cared to see how he harvested his crawfish. Boating through the misty bayous that zigzagged in between overhanging gnarled cypress trees that dripped Spanish moss, and with only the bark of an occasional alligator breaking the silence or seen gliding through the water was an eerie feeling; nonetheless, the snapping crawfish and the delicious meal after of them was something that was enjoyed too.

I left a bit of myself there when sailing away, however, as a Merchant Mariner’s life is unpredictable; it found me there a few more times.  Back into the Gulf of Mexico to the Port of Pensacola on the Gulf as Florida’s leading deep-water port with its eight deep-draft berths. Arriving there at night, a few of us thought we would explore the lay of the land to maybe drum up some excitement. After walking for a half hour aimlessly in the direction pointed out to us by a harbour attendant we came upon a bar in a small town. Although the town seemed like a sleepy hollow the bar was buzzing. We felt right at home because they were all Negros and they made us feel right at home too when discovering that we from South Africa.  We were even invited to the Negress proprietor’s home after the bar’s closing where the drinking continued; we stayed till dawn and then walked back to the ship. From there we cruised around Florida, up the Strait of Florida and pass the Bahamas into the Atlantic Ocean and to New York City once again.

New York, New York that I never could get enough of no matter how many times sighting ‘Dirty Gerty’ when sailing into the Hudson River Bay to dock again at Pier 10 New york City. Oh for the life of a Merchant Mariner to not only see but also experience the wonders of the world offered. The last time there I wanted to experience what Greenwich Village was all about, so it got me then to wander through its clubs and bars. Because of going on my own I was chatted up by a few gay men at one of their clubs, who were under the impression that I was cruising as they put it. Telling them that I was straight and not offended, caused them to apologize for their assumption because not many heterosexuals frequented that club. My explanation of why I was there and of my visits in other parts of the world to similar establishments to gauge the different lifestyles and that I enjoyed differential company, got them to ask if I had been to a lesbian club a block away. Answering in the negative found me hooked in and escorted there by two gay men. On the way I was told of a lesbian couple that were good friends of theirs, and the butch one as they called her, who was Pauline, was always adamant that she could pick out anybody who was straight without been told.  They didn’t pick it straight off with me, which I didn’t know when it occurred to take as a compliment or insult, and if I was game enough they wanted to see how good she really was. However, when telling me also that I portrayed slight feminine mannerisms, which again I didn’t know how to take, that may aid in fooling them, I thought what the hell, in for a penny in for a pound. To me it all boiled down to me being a gentlemanly type, liking and respecting women, enjoyed their company, and because of that I may have picked up some of their mannerisms in the process. Telling them that caused a gleeful display of their effeminate behaviour for me to copy. They also wanted to know if we fooled her and her bitch, which is what they called the other one and her name was Dawn, would I carry it a bit further so that they could get their own back on them. It seemed that the two of them had previously been set up as a prank by their lesbian friends with a straight male friend who had acted gay, and they had been kept dangling for two days before wising up.

The two young ladies they introduced me to must have thought me gay too, because I also got the same type of greeting they received of a wet fish handshake and a touching of cheek to cheek. My two gay mates noticing that winked at me and kept it going further by telling them I had just arrived after fleeing Cuba, couldn’t speak much English and had nowhere to spend the night. They sounded really convincing, especially with me all serious while just sitting there following suite; however, I thought that they were taking it a bit too far when requesting of them for me to stay the night at their home because they had someone staying with them already, and I couldn’t believe my ears when their two lesbian friends agreed. Those two gay blokes were the most mischievous and outrages ones I had ever come across, and when the two ladies took to the dance floor, they shook with silent laughter. Knowing that I would be a week in New York they planned further situations to fool their friends, but because they weren’t even considering what I thought about it, I called a halt to their devious schemes. On informing them that I had other commitments that would be more to my liking than fooling and embarrassing their friends, their quiet whispering to each other came up in asking me if I wouldn’t like the experience of spending my time in New York living with two women even if they were lesbians. That was one happening I hadn’t experienced yet. When asking how that would eventuate, they told me just to play along with whatever they told their two friends, so I just sat back and listened as their lies unfolded. Their undertaking was that they would look after me during the day, which was crafty knowing that I would be ship bound then, and that they would be then sorting out arrangements for me during that time. Their other offer was that they would pay for any expenses incurred while staying at their friends home, which they did and more, and that they would appreciate if during that time I would be allowed to have the freedom of Pauline and Dawn’s home. They were agreeable with that too, although I wasn’t quite agreeable when my new two gay friends took it in turns to steer me onto the dance floor.

Their intentions wasn’t a deviance towards me but so as to increase the impression that I was gay and to be out of ear shot of the other two so that I could be filled in about their idiosyncrasies and peculiarities, which the same could have been said about them. I had also never danced that way with a man before and that too was a new experience for me, on the other hand, it was a laugh for the three of us because I was given the eye and winked at by other dancing gay men. I always had a knack of fitting in with all sorts of people worldwide, and it could have been my attitude of accepting people not for what they are but for whom they were. Except for my young disastrous homosexual experiences, I had found that the more I accepted their sexual preferences as in comparison to straight persons, and as long as it wasn’t me they preferred, I had no revulsion and condemnation towards them. Dawn and Pauline’s apartment was in easy walking distance from the club, and it having only one bedroom I bunked on a fold out settee. Because of my two mates advising them that what I had on was all that I had, they had begun rummaging through their wardrobe for suitable night attire for me; however, on telling them that I slept au natural when it was hot, which it was then, they agreed that it was the best way because they did too. That was the beginning of a parade of womanly flesh from bathroom to bedroom continually because of my gay status that had been implanted by those two miscreants. With both working across town and leaving very early I was left to my own devices before making it back to the ship. My two mates though having their own contrivances and knowing that I would be alone came around. After filling them in to what had transpired in between their hilarious laughter they gave me a business card to where I was to meet them when coming into town that afternoon off the ship.

The address was of a clothing shop that I found in an upmarket part of town, and thinking that they were employed there proved me wrong because they owned the place, and they had smiles written all over their faces at my disbelief. What was more unbelievable was when insisting to outfit me in an assortment of clothing to suit my new persona because their friends had to believe that I was destitute. I drew the line though with some of the more flamboyant clothing apparel that they thought looked good and suited me. Inviting me out for the night created another problem because I was financially embarrassed, and when drawing that to their attention they laughingly commented that was what I was supposed to be under their made up circumstances, and that it would be money well spent to fool their two friends. It was like a conspiracy with those two on account of their two friends not latching onto the fact yet that I wasn’t gay, and they complimented me on being damn good at it too. When asking what they expected the end result to be, I was again laughingly told that they were only paying them back in their own coins, and because they were good sports they would get a laugh out of it too. To compensate and impress Dawn and Pauline I made dinner of provisions found, tidied the flat and gathered and put their soiled clothes in the wash just before their arrival. They were pretty impressed with my feminine touch, as they put it, what they didn’t know was that it was part of my daily duties on board ship, particularly as there were no women to do it. They were also enthused when seeing me dressed in my new gear, and were further impressed when told who was responsible for it.  On my gay mate’s arrival to take us all out for dinner and drinks, the two Judases first kissed me on the cheek, whirled me around to show me off, and then clapped their hands in glee. My forward thinking mates had organized dinner and drinks away from the gay clubs with the thought that we might just bump into others who had met me the previous night, knew I wasn’t gay and might have just given the game away.

We were nice and tipsy when getting back to our respective places, and with me tired from the two very late nights and wanting to retire wasn’t yet to be, for the two women were still in high spirits and wanted to keep it going. I had been sipping on my Jack Daniel bourbon, but those two were throwing back large drinks of Cointreau and Drum Buie with the thought in mind that it was a Friday night, they had the weekend off and wanted to party. The next thing on their agenda was dance music that resulted in them kicking off their shoes and dancing together. Although it didn’t seem unusual because of seeing them dancing together at the clubs, it was different close up when seeing them snuggled up and embrace, but I thought what the hell to each his own. The alcohol consumed must have relaxed me because I had nodded off, but that didn’t seem to have sit well with them because they pulled me up so that we became a dancing threesome, and also to partner me singularly as we had earlier that evening. If only they had kept the slow tempo music going; nonetheless, they upped it to rock and Latin that not only hotted up the dancing but also ourselves. With the only ventilation filtering through their bedroom window and with us dancing up a storm I had to remove my shirt that had begun to cling to me. If only they hadn’t also followed suit by removing their cocktail dresses to dance in their underwear, though when thinking about and having second thoughts, I was a bit thankful that it wasn’t then the eyeful received as before with their passage from bedroom to bathroom in the nude. Their dancing after consuming more drinks took on a more bump and grind style that was at first aimed at each other before turning on me. Not satisfied that they were in their underwear and I was not, they ganged up on me, debagged me and left me in my boxer shorts. I was never more grateful for the consideration of my gay mates in their gift of ‘Fruit of the loom’ boxer shorts than then. The girls laughing dancing exhibition while keeping me fenced in between them with me acting the shocked recipient, which was just a ploy to keep them at a distance away from me because of what was occurring in those boxer’s. It didn’t help much though due to them then introducing a slow striptease in their dance that was just the catalyst to blow my gay status out of their bedroom window.

Although the boxer shorts acted as a covering, it was all it was doing then because by then they were moving, bouncing and wiggling around naked parts that should never be done in a horny man’s presence. I thought myself lucky to still have the security of that covering, they though had other ideas and before I realized what their intentions were they had grabbed at it and pulled it right down. I had never been embarrassed by what I possessed than then, they though surprised me by showing neither of either. They instead were laughingly congratulating each other while hugging me, which threw me into complete confusion. Standing there with the boxer’s around my ankles, indicating like a sundial but wanting answers, I kicked off the boxer’s and smilingly demanded the naked truth, and that sent them into hysterics while collapsing on the settee. Sitting naked in between two naked women even if they were lesbians made my day, for not only were they attractive but also pretty well stacked, and because it was still causing me a permanency and a bit of embarrassment I crossed my legs, which set them off laughing again. According to them I had given the game away of not being gay when dancing with them the early evening, and it had been by the way I had held and lead them when dancing, which had become obvious to them because of having danced with other gay men before, and because of that they had become aware of my other heterosexual mannerisms slips. From then on they had kept up the pretense of otherwise while trying to device a way to teach their two homosexual friends and myself a lesson. While I had dozed off they had contrived a way to do that to me, and from then on it had been a whole charade to see for how long I would be able to hold out before showing my true colours of being straight, and their other comment when laughingly said that made me too, was that I sure showed it too. Although they admired the detail that their two friends had gone to in getting their own back on them, which they had figured out, they had already worked out revenge retaliation against my two mates, and I was told that I would be aiding them so as to teach them a lesson.

My thoughts of my two gay mates as mischievous and outrageous had nothing on those two who were diabolical in their scheming plans. Due to their two friends who were coming around late morning for us to have brunch together because of knowing we would be sleeping in, they wanted them to find the three of us together in their bed on their arrival. But that was not all; for after asking what that would achieve, they went on to explain that we would be in the buff so as to put their two friends into a shock mode. Telling them what effect that would have on me ,only received a grinning reply that they hoped that it did, which confused me even further, and continued with the request to just play along with everything they would say and do in the same manner that I had done so well for their two friends. Their ongoing nudity and with all the womanly flesh exposed before extinguishing the light and pulling the covers over,  had made it difficult for me to instantly fall asleep because of the recurring thoughts of not been able to come on to those two. Pauline had left the front door unlocked for their two friends easy access, and when the three of us were awoken by their entering, they both cuddled up to me. My two mates puzzled what’s going on here greeting was met by Dawn’s lying through her teeth serious reply that there was one detail that I couldn’t have told my two homosexual friends about, and what they had come to discover during the night was that I wasn’t completely gay but bisexual. With Pauline also chiming in by first thanking the two of them for the huge favour they had bestowed upon them by trying to fool them that I was completely gay, and like themselves they had to then confess that although everyone knew them as practicing lesbians, that they too were bisexual. If the expression of your jaw dropping to the floor with disbelief and astonishment was for real, then that was what would have occurred with my two gay mates. And the clincher was when Dawn thanked them too for letting them have the pleasure of a threesome with a real man.

Thinking that would be the end of it was not to be for Pauline and Dawn, for while lying there covered up to our chins and with the two of them in my arms, both then placed each of my hands on one each of their breasts. Thinking that they had done that to add extra shock value before pulling down the covers wasn’t all that was on their agenda. They must have relied on what that would have done to me, especially what my mind had already conjured up to what they had just conveyed, and the pleasurable satisfaction felt what my hands were then automatically massaging for my own denied pleasure, which didn’t seem for theirs. It must have been part of their modus operandi, for after they had a quick peek under the covers to see how my more than happy chappie was; they only then flipped off the covers. A stacked up pack of cards couldn’t have collapsed more easily and quickly as my two mates innards must have, for they had first grasped at the bed for support, and then bumped into each other in their haste and confusion to leave after Pauline suggested that they come back later because as they could see the three of us were ready for another round of sex. The outrageous laughter from the three of us and the calling back before they reached the front door still seemed to have left them in doubt, but because of the girls saying that they were one up on them in pranks, they slowly returned. We couldn’t stop our mirth because of their frowning and serious faces, and in between Dawn and Pauline thanking and hugging me for my participation, which was what I was enjoying more, they indicated for my two mates to join us and enjoy the moment as they were. It seemed though that Pauline wasn’t through with me yet for fooling her so completely, for when scrambling out of the bed and signalling to Dawn to do the same, she laughingly encouraged their two friends to get me for assisting in turning the tables on them. Those two needed no second bidding, especially as they had been eyeing my naked body, and they both went gleefully and jokingly for what the other two had blatantly exposed of mine. I was too quick off the mark for them and succeeding in grabbing the covers to cover up, and made for the bathroom with them laughingly in pursuit. They really were good sports and took it all laughingly in their stride, and there was no animosity between them only more celebrating that night when nightclubbing, and for the rest of my stay in New York we partied. Of course I returned the clothes, but then the four of them insisted on taking me shopping for them to purchase clothing for Joan and the kids, and when getting back to Cape Town, they were the snazziest dressed wife and kids around.


Our two kids dressed in their snazzy American cloths, with Joan looking as snazzy as ever and my two youngest snazzy sisters Rita and Gertrude.


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